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The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization. Since 1954, The HSUS has been America’s mainstream force against animal cruelty, exploitation and neglect.

In the past year, we’ve provided hands-on care to more than 3,500 animals rescued from cruelty and neglect, and given veterinary care to more than 30,000 animals in need -- that’s more than any other animal protection organization in the country! We’ve also campaigned for critical reforms in industries that mistreat animals -- taking on the sealers who slaughter baby seals for their fur, the factory farms that cram egg-laying hens into tiny battery cages, and the puppy millers who treat dogs as little more than a cash crop.    

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Cleo, Our Wonder Dog
Editor plus50women

Cleo is a 10 year old Border Collie, Blue Heeler Mix.  He was adopted from the Humane Society at 3 months.  Sick with Distemper, the Humane Society allowed us to adopt Cleo free, with the stipulation he receive immediate medical care.

After a week long stay at our family Veterinarians Clinic, our Vet told us Cleo would not survive.  Since it was a holiday weekend, he thought it would be best if we took Cleo home, so he could pass over in a loving environment.

With great sadness, we picked up our new puppy and headed home, for what appeared to be a stressful, emotionally devastating weekend for all of us.

On the trip home, I suddenly decided I didn't want our new puppy to die.  We stopped at the local grocery store and purchased anything and everything we
thought Cleo might eat.

For the next week, Cleo was held, loved and pampered beyond the expectation of any greatly loved pet.  Cleo layed on my
lap while I worked at my desk; he slept in  my bed, safe and warm between the sheets, snuggled in tight where he felt safe and protected.

A week later, our Vet called to ask when Cleo passed over.  We happily informed him that Cleo was still with us.  He was eating, drinking water and attempting to play.

Upon our Vet's request, Cleo was back at the Veterinarians Clinic for a full examine.  To our Vet's surprise, Cleo was doing well and for the first time, Cleo
received a thumbs up, with a good medical prognosis. 

The magic ingredient in any life, animal or human, is love.  Love inspired Cleo to live and love has blessed us with the most amazing  and incredibly dedicated and loving dog.  Cleo completes our family and makes us whole.

When adopting a dog or cat, please consider a shelter animal.  Every animal needs (and deserves) a loving home to call their own.