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                       Earthbox Gardens!
                An Easy Way To Grow A Garden!

Since most of us lead busy lives, we are always looking for quicker, easier ways to work in our yard.  I love the idea of an Earthbox Garden!  It's easy to build and maintain through out the hectic summer season.  This year, think about designing your own Earthbox Garden for both both vegetables and flowering plants. 

If you are physically challenged, Earthbox Gardens are a great way to enjoy gardening when you can no longer get down on your hands and knees to plant, water and weed.  Just place your Earthbox Garden on top of a table for easy reach.  The Earthbox Garden water pipe is easily filled with a pitcher, so there is no need to drag a garden hose across your yard.  When life presents us with challenges, sometimes we just have to give up a few of our favorite hobbies.  Luckily for us, gardening isn't one of them.

To see just how simple it is to design an Earthbox Garden, watch the easy "how to" video below!