Fashion Designed By Celebrites!
Everyone has a talent they love to express.  Celebrities are no different.  Just look at how many stars have their own clothing line!  Granted, some celebrities simply attach their names to their brand, but there are those Hollywood stars that actually create and design their own products.

                 Villeroy & Boch Tableware
          Jennifer Aniston                                            Demi Moore

                        Smarthome, Inc.

Diane Keaton's Bevery Hills home.  We love the wonderful amenities that Diane used in decorating her Spanish style house.  Diane's attention to details is inspiring!  Finding this many great acessories takes a lot of time and treasure hunting! 


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Diane Keaton is always reinventing herself. Now, Diane has a pottery line at Pottery Barn.  The playful nature of the pottery is true to Diane's form.  This same playful nature can be found in how Diane designs and decorates her homes. 


Isabella Rossellini has partnered with Bulgari on a gorgeous purse line.  The colors, textures and styles make this purse a "must have" for our closets this season.

Jacklyn Smith has made her brand a great success at Kmart!  We love the comfortable,  stylish collection Jacklyn as designed.  Not to mention the great low pricing!




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Martha Stewart's brand is a powerhouse, with a full line of bed and bath products. We love Martha Stewart! Everything mixes and matches and the quality is wonderful.