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Home gardens may be unique unto themselves, but the outcome is always true.  Each garden area provides it's occupant with a sanctuary to call their own.  A place to dream away the afternoon, to sit in solitude, to listen to the joyful harmony of the wild birds, while finding comfort and relaxation amongst the garden blooms. 


Gardening Is One Of Life's Simplest And Most Rewarding Pleasures...

What better hobby is there then gardening?  Digging in the soft, moist soil, planting flowers or tending to your vegetables is simply pure joy for the avid gardener.

My garden favorite is creating flower gardens.  The spring blossoms lining the front yard are a vision to behold.  There are no boundaries as to what you can create for your own personal, magical flower garden.  We are limited only by our imaginations.

Others I know prefer vegetable gardens, which provide gardeners with the freshest and best tasting produce you can find.  Whichever garden you prefer (if not both!), gardening is a wonderful form of relaxation and exercise combined.


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Earth Box Gardens!

Grow Vegetables And Flowers Without A Conventional Garden!  It's Easy, Fast And The End Results Are A Beautiful Flowering Garden, Or A Vegetable Garden That Will Supply You With An Abundance Of Produce All Season Long.

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Mulching, Pruning, Fallen Leaves And Making A Compost Pile!

Water Gardens!  Use your imagination to create a water garden in your back yard.  If you are limited on space, design a water garden out of a large (or small) container.  Even apartment dwellers can enjoy the beauty that a water garden provides.  And as we know, as we grow older, we want less maintenance in our lives.  Earth box gardens (for flowers and vegetables) and water gardens created out of modified containers, offer us the best that gardening has to provide, without hours of gardening, pruning, watering and weeding.   The best part is, we can still can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers, the great taste of home grown vegetables and the relaxing sound of water - without spending hours perfecting our yards.

Street Art Collection!

Celebrating the unknown Street Artists around the world.

Please support your local arts programs, so that these talented
young artists have a outlet to share their creative endeavors with the world.