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Longing For Serenity, Or At Least A Quiet, Undisturbed Nap?  You Are Not Alone.

Have you ever wished for a private, secluded space that you could disappear to when life felt overwhelming? Often I've fantasized of possessing a hidden room that no one else knew existed but me. 

At one point and time in our history, it was common practice to build secret rooms behind bookcases or fake fireplace mantels.  People would hide their valuables, or themselves if need be, from unsavory predators.  Today, hidden rooms have given way to panic rooms, which is a whole other story.

Why did the practice of hidden rooms fall out of favor?   They seem perfectly logical, if not completely practical in their concept.  Perhaps mental illness could be contained to a smaller demographic, if people were allowed to escape from life, just once in  awhile, when they were tired, beat up and defeated. 

To appease society who frowns upon tree houses for adults, we could substitute tree house for meditation room, where in blissful silence we pray for spiritual guidance.  Or where in truth, out of complete and total exhaustion, we lay face down on the wooden, bare floor, drool leisurely oozing down the side of our open mouths, as we slumber unabashfully and unashamedly in the full presence of God.  For such a divine pleasure, a King would gladly give all his worldly goods.

As a child, having a tree house of our own was magical. Slowly, placing one hand over the other, you climbed the steep, rickety ladder to your special room, that only you were permitted to enter. 

Tree houses are no longer just for kids!  With the complexity of these tree house designs, architects were most assuredly involved in their creation. No scrap lumber was salvaged from the back yard for these La bodes.  Windows, doors and lounging decks were carefully crafted for curb appeal, along with the purchase of top grade construction materials.  Dare we say that some of these tree houses even have lighting and in door plumbing?  Carefree souls who embrace the concept of originality, now call their charming tree house home.  Which I am delighted to say, is an excellent idea.