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God And The World We Live In
Editor  plus50women

The world we live in is a difficult, if not painful and unyielding place to exist.  It is filled with love and joy at times, but we are always aware of the dangers around us.  As they say, life is not for the faint of heart.  None of us are spared the life experiences of loss, betrayal, heart break or devastation.

God entered my world when I was a child.  I lived in a violent home with parents who were unable to provide a loving, nurturing environment for their children.  Most of my childhood memories have eluded me.  Today in my 50's I have a dozen or so memories that float back to me at odd times.  I used to pray I would remember my childhood, so that I could put the mystery to rest.  Those prayers have never been answered, so I'll assume God knows best.


Are angels real?  I can say from experience they are.  Angels have appeared to me at times when my life was in total ruinm when I was horribly frightened and alone. It would be impossible for me to loose my faith, since God has made his presence so well known to me.   I have questioned why angels do not appear to everyone, because their very presence would change the path taken by many.  Our guardian angel is always with us, so if you have not seen your angel that doesn't mean you are alone.  Rest assured, that is never the case.  We are always surrounded by loved ones who have passed on and by God's angles who watch over us.  I do believe an open heart encourages angels to appear to us.  Angels hear our cries and know the truth in our hearts.

Many Christians feel that if you believe in God, God shields you from the evils of the world.  He does in ways, but faith is not a coat of armour that protects you from all harm.  Some Christians loose their faith in God when devastation knocks at their door, blaming God for deserting them.  God never leaves any of us, God is always with us.  But believing in God does not lessen the woes of our journey.  By living life, we experience for God. We purify our souls if you will, by experiencing the negative aspects of  human existence.  If we never experience the negative, we would never grow as an individual or enrich our souls by fully embracing the power of God's love.  Everyday we are subjected to moral tests; some of which we pass, others we fail.  Pass or fail, we are still loved.

Make no mistake, evil does exist in the world. When you hear of gang rapes, child trafficking, pornography, those vile acts are governed by evil.  Evil is a dark force that preys on those without a conscience, or those who have lost their way.  We are at war with evil everyday.  To face evil head on is frightening, so most of us do our best to skirt darkness by filling our world with good thoughts, good deeds and by asking the Holly Light to surround us.  Try as we may, not all of us escape evil's grasp.

Within our world there are those known as God's soldiers.  They fight the war against evil.  They spend their days attacking evil, by freeing those who have been ensnared by it.  Children who have been kidnapped in to sexual slavery, young women abducted in to prostitution, women and children who are battered by love ones.  God's soldiers work tirelessly to help feed the poor, or to bring medical supplies to the sick. They devote their lives to helping God's children live a safer, healthier existence.  Only those who are truly strong choose to be a soldier for God.  Most of us would crumble witnessing the horrors that exist in this world.

Though we may not stand on the front line of the battle field, we can make the world a better place by living our lives through our faith.  By making donations to charitable organizations who support God's soldiers or by volunteering our services at home.  Compared to the actions of others, these may seem like small, insignificant deeds, but if we band together, we can make a positive difference in the world in which we live.  Faith can move mountains, open closed hearts and provide hope where once there was none. LLC LLC