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Finding The Fountain Of Youth Continued...

So how do we stay youthful in our old age?  I truly believe remaining physically fit is the key to not only looking better, but feeling better.  If we feel fit, we feel better about ourselves and we focus less on our imperfections.  If we're overweight, inactive and have lost our zest for living, everything about our bodies and our lives will seem daunting.  So the first step to aging gracefully is to get up off the couch and walk, swim, play golf, anything that keeps you physically active and your mind busy.  When we're busy, we don't have time to worry about the small things, we're preoccupied with living life.

There are studies that show if we exercise our brains, we can stave off Alzheimer's and dementia.  What better excuse do you need to pick up a book and read?  Or buy word puzzles at the Dollar Store and complete a couple puzzles each night?  Your brain is a muscle just like your arm and thigh muscles.  For those of us who are experiencing sagging bodies, just imagine what is happening to your brain from lack of exercise.  You know that can't be good.  

Let's face it; even though Dolly Pardon (an admitted plastic surgery junkie) looks fantastic for a woman in her age, it's still cosmetic.  Dolly has to exercise consistently, eat right and maintain an active life for her insides to remain healthy.  Any old couch can look new again with an upholstery job, but if the spring are worn, it's still going to feel like an old couch.  

If you're like Dolly and you find the benefits of plastic surgery to your liking, then that is fantastic.  If you're like me and you plan to play the deck of cards mother nature dealt you, then that too, is fantastic.  Just be sure to remain physically and mentally active.  Find something in life that interest you and pursue it head on.  We're only as old as we feel.