Home Foreclosure Prices Now Starting at One Dollar


Now is the time to buy a home. Banks are giving homes away, right now. If you go to, the official website of the National Association of Realtors, you can search for homes for a little as $1, such as in Detroit Michigan.

The economy has reached a point in some areas like Detroit Michigan, where there is such a glut of homes on the market that it is no longer cost effective for banks to hold out for more money. These homes do have a wide variety of issues and so they are priced in such a way that the seller of the property will be writing a check at the closing, just so that the buyer can assume the future responsibilities for those properties. These responsibilities include future property taxes, homeowner's insurance and maintenance. Those are a few caveats. Homeowner's insurance is not required on cash sales, but it is always a good idea to insure the home to cover the unexpected. If the home is vacant, and in most cases they are, then homeowner's insurance can be considerably high and some insurance companies will not insure vacant homes. It is always a good idea to consult local municipalities for property assessments, building codes and violations and also consult other local real estate professionals for advice to avoid potentially harmful financial surprises. And it is always wise to do a final walk-thru of any real estate purchase just prior to closing the sale to make sure that nothing has changed.

Investment properties are not for everyone; however one dollar is the new bottom when it comes to property prices and values. For just a few dollars more, many more can enter the market as first time home buyers and many other buyers are finding fabulous deals too.

Bottom-line is that land is a limited resource and they're not making any more of it. If history repeats itself, the market will turn around and it will become healthy and hopefully soon, after it becomes profitable, the land of opportunity once more.

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A Home for the Holidays
Find Homes Offered For Just $1

There's nothing quite like being home for the holidays. That is, unless you’re actually getting a home for the holidays. Think buying  an entire house as a gift sounds unrealistic, if not crazy, in this economy? Think again.

These houses can all be had for the low, low price of one paltry dollar (heck, some of them are even free). The only hitch is that you must be willing to restore or, in some cases, move them to new homes of their own.

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