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  How To Take Great Vacations And Score Free Lodging...

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to take a long, relaxing vacation either in the US or in a foreign country?  For most of us, one or two great vacations in our lifetime is all we can afford, so we miss out on visiting all the amazing places we'd really  love to visit.

Have you ever thought about being a house sitter?  There are fantastic homes out there that need a care taker for a week, a month or even a year.  In exchange for free rent, all you have to do is water the plants and keep the yard and house tidy.  Every home owner has their own set of rules you'll need to abide by, but most are pretty easy to deal with.

Just think, you could fly to Hawaii and have free lodging while on vacation.  Keeping the yard looking great is a small price to pay for a free roof over your head.  Some home owners allow you to bring pets, some don't.  It's good to read the fine print to see if the owners rules and stipulations match your own.  

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    How About Swapping Homes?

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Another idea for finding cheap vacation homes is to swap your house with a home owner who'd like to visit the city you live in.  This is a bit riskier to do, since the contract is not brokered by a third party, but between the two home owners themselves.

It's not uncommon for a home owner to misrepresent the stature of his home, in hopes of securing a better home elsewhere, so photos are very important (even though photos are not a guarantee the house will look like the photo you receive).  Many people participate in home exchanges each year with great success, so we don't wish to rain on your parade.  But we do recommend you proceed cautiously.  If this idea appeals to you, there are numerous web sites devoted to just this endeavor.   


Travel Data Supplied By the Office Of Travel And Tourism Industry. 

Where Are Americans Traveling Overseas?
2008  Statistics

12,505,629 Americans Visited.  A  6.2% Decline In American Tourist.


5,686,838 Americans Visited. An Increase Of  


5,514,987 Americans 
Visited. Decline Of  1.6%

South America
2,546,511 Americans Visited.  An Increase 
Of  3.4%

Central America
2,588,064 Americans 
Visited. An Increase Of  


767,836 Americans Visited. A Decline
 Of 6.8%


Middle East
858,952 Americans Visited. An Increase Of  


319,713 Americans 
Visited.  An Increase
 Of  55.8%

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