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                         More Then Just Bathing

The health benefits of whirlpool bathing have been known and utilized for thousands of years. The warmth of the bath water creates an environment of mental and physical relaxation that improves our overall health. Hydro massage teamed with the buoyancy of the bath water helps mend injuries along with soothing the physical aches and pains of daily living.

Sports centers have used the whirlpool action for their athletes for decades. Health centers across the country have included the benefits of whirlpool for their patients suffering from numerous health conditions, one of the most well known conditions being Arthritis. All though whirlpools will not cure Arthritis, the severity of Arthritis is greatly lessened by soaking in a whirlpool bath daily. Birthing centers are also including whirlpools for mothers in labor. The warmth of the bath water along with the massage of the whirlpool lessen the pain of child birth. Studies now suggest that mothers using whirlpools have a less stressful birthing process, as do their babies.

What once could only be achieved through purchasing a spa (depth for soaking and jet positions) is now available in whirlpool bath tubs. Manufactures like Maax offer exceptionally deep bath tubs for total submersion in your bath water. Along with the additional depth are stackable jets for full back massage, foot massage and neck massage. No longer do you have to spend thousands of dollars for an outdoor spa when you can install a therapeutic bath tub in your home. With outdoor spas you are subjected to the weather elements, whereas with a therapeutic bath tub, you have total control over privacy and room temperatures. This allows you the option of using your whirlpool whenever you choose to do so.

The emotional benefits of a whirlpool bath tub are also to be enjoyed. Soaking in warm water or turning on whirlpool jets provides you with a pampered massage at home, which simply feels good. You may not suffer from sports injuries or have a physical condition that requires whirlpool massage, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the numerous health benefits the whirlpool bath tubs provide.

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