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Are You Aware That Social Security Mails Over 400,000 Checks  To Americans Living Abroad Each Month?  Other Americans Simply Choose To Have Funds Deposited In To Their US Checking Accounts And Wired Overseas.  As Many As 1 Million Americans Live Full Or Part Time Each Year In A Foreign Country. Why?
Because The Cost Of Living Is Far Lower Then In The US And Taxes Are Minimal.  
Every Year More Countries Are Jumping On The Band Wagon To Entice American Retirees To Choose Their Country To Retire In.  Will You Be Next To Retire Overseas?


55% Of Baby Boomers Will Move When They Retire.

51% Of Baby Boomers Will Move More Then 3 Hours Away.

26%  Of Baby Boomers Consider Living In An Age-Qualified Active Adult Community.

30% Of Baby Boomers Prefer A Urban Community To A City Community.

44% Of Baby Boomers Will Buy Smaller Homes.

29% Of Baby Boomers Want A Community That Maximizes Local Natural Benefits.


More Seniors Are Choosing To Live Abroad

Years ago the idea of living overseas sounded like a risky if not foolish one.  But times are changing and the world is becoming a smaller, more welcoming place.  Today many Americans are residing in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and many other foreign countries which are finding the value of American retirees too, good to pass up.

For so many seniors, the cost of living is too, great in the US.  Seniors are selling off their homes and other assets and moving to countries where the cost of living makes their Social Security payments manageable.  Through out the world, American communities are being created by Americans living abroad. 
Those communities are attracting thousands more of Americans who wish to continue their comfortable lifestyles, but find the cost of living in the US too, great.

Are there countries that Americans should not move to?  Of course.  Common sense plays a big part in where Americans decide to move.  With so many countries courting Americans and making the financial rewards extremely beneficial for Americans to relocate around the world, it's almost foolish for Americans not to consider a foreign country for their new home.

If you are lucky to retire with a healthy 401k and substantial
Social Security and retirement checks, then relocating half way around the world probably doesn't appeal to you.  But if you are one of the millions of Americans who don't have money to burn (or even waste), then finding a place to live where you can manage comfortably on your Social Security and savings is a necessity.  Why struggle to make ends meet in the US, when you can live a comfortable and gracious lifestyle elsewhere?  Living well is not just for the financially elite.  For the savvy American retiree, that lifestyle is a reality.