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Baby Boomers: The Numbers

57.8 Million:  The Estimated Number Of Baby Boomers In 2030.

50.8%: The Percentage of Baby Boomers Who Were Female In 2005.

1946 - 1965: The Generation Known As  The Baby

James & Mary: Most Popular Baby Names In 1946.

2009: The Oldest Baby Boomers Are 63 This Year.

40% Of Baby Boomers
Expect Their Children To Move In With Them.

30% Of Baby Boomers Expect Their Parents Will Move In With Them.

75 % Of Baby Boomers Do Not Miss Their Parenting Roles

64% Of Baby Boomers Do Miss Family Vacations.

1957: 4.3 Million Babies Were Born. This Is More Than Any Year Before Or Since.

71% Of Baby Boomers Say Parenting Was A Wonderful Experience, But It Was Not Easy.

75% Of Baby Boomers Say They Will Be Happier Upon Retirement.

74% Of Baby Boomers  Feel Freer To Be Themselves Once Retired.

                      What Does Your Retirement Plan Look Like?
                                       Can You Retire Comfortably

Couples willingly commit to the trials and tribulations of marriage, but seldom do they think about retirement and what lies ahead for them.  We're so wrapped up in to surviving today's crisis, that tomorrow seems a long way off.  Conflict between couples  is not unusual when it comes to deciding the important issues of what age to retire at or where to live once you do retire.  Men and women have a very different take on what makes the perfect retirement plan.

Those questions should be placed on the table for discussion long before one or both spouses takes the retirement plunge.  Not surprising, 82% of  couples surveyed do not agree on what age to retire.  Is the magic number 65 as in the past, or with the harsh economic environment, do you need to continue working in to your 70's?                           

Retirees who thought they had their lives mapped out, have found themselves returning to work either part time or full time.  A loss of income from investments gone bad or misjudgment as to how much retirement would really cost, has sidelined many retirees over the years.

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The Pew Research Center recently released fascinating results from its survey on aging Americans, entitled “Growing Old in America: Expectations vs. Reality. The news release is full of interesting charts on perceived versus actual living conditions of the elderly, as well as the relationship between older adults and their children.

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